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Be a swarm, a brain and a forest

The agile sustainability transformation to become efficient, adaptable and innovative

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of all transformations fail. You should belong to the other 30%!

We live in times of exponential change through technological advancements, globalisation and inter-connectivity. They bring extraordinary opportunities as well as unprecedented challenges.

An organisation has to embrace the volatility and changeability of the market by balancing resilience, adaptability, efficiency and effectiveness. The answer lies in creating an agile organisation with lean processes and create employees. 
Neuropsychological research, natural systems, social technology and big data can help us to build organisations like organisms.

An organisation is a system with is own goals and dynamics that consists of interdependent but individual units, the departments, teams and employees. It thereby resembles biological structures like an organism that is made up of individual organs, a hive made up of insects, a brain with its neurons and other cells, a forest where levels of plants and animals communicate in a tight balance.
The Cobiom expert platform leads you through this process with knowledge, experience and the crowd intelligence of the community in a streamlined process managed by our Cobiom Project Managers
Our proposal
1.) Identify your challenge:

One-day scoping workshop with a Cobiom innovation expert

Together we identify your need: What are your challenges? What are your goals? What are your options? The best: The workshop is a low-priced opportunity for you to find out if our offers and approaches are right for you!

2.) Take data-driven decisions:

What can be done? Where are the leverage points?

Our expert immerges in your organisation and assesses the way work and communication is done on a daily and strategic basis. In interviews with employees or team members as well as managers and leader, weak spots and opportunities are discovered. A Systems Map helps to visualise the outcome and prepares the ground for efficient trainings and scaling.

3.) Move forward, agile and focused:

Tailored trainings and coaching:

1-3 day Workshops help to experience agile innovation like Design Thinking or Lean Startup; individual coaching sessions help you as a manager or leader to understand the needs and opportunities inside your teams and organisation.

In co-creation sessions with our experts, we develop with you a concept for a decentralised swarm organisation that can react fast and autark because it is driven by values and shared, prioritised and tracked objectives. Our experts draw inspiration from biological systems, self-organisation and Systems Thinking, as well as data-driven decision making to leverage hidden assets in your organisation.

4.) Get the right solutions:    


In a 4 module programme, a team of Change Agents from all over your company learns how to use agile methods and create an agile mindset; this format combines training and implementation by learning on the job

Once teams have experienced the power of agile work, agile frameworks like SAFe and Less are used to roll out the working mode over the whole organisation. This is a longer process which involves technological tools and cultural change. The latter we track with specialised tools to measure the success of transformation processes, that have been developed in our network.

Your assets
Cobiom is a network platform for the best experts, assessments, scientists, engineers and designs in sustainable innovation. Here is what you as a client of the network get.
Project management

All projects are coordinated and supervised by your personal Cobiom Project Manager who assures quality of all services, communication between the involved providers.

Quality guarantee

Cobiom guarantees the quality for the services and the process. If you need changes to contract conditions, you require to change the service provider or you have complaints, simply contact your Cobiom Project Manager.

Simple and reliable payment

Invoicing and payment of contractors is down through Cobiom to allow for a smooth and pleasant process for all parties.

Fast and individual duration

A typically agile training and coaching takes 4-12 months depending on the size of the organisation, department or team. The network ensures that there are always the right people available to address your challenge in the timeframe you desire.

Resources required on your side

Dedication to the project; one person responsible for the project who works in close contact virtually with the Cobiom Project Manager; access to process, product, service and organisational information as well as stakeholders involved in them for assessment and innovation formats; allocation of suitable participants if innovation formats require the co-creation of solutions with stakeholders

Some examples of our analyses


Contact your personal Cobiom Manager who will lead you through the process from information to implementation.